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The QuickSplint®;t emporary anterior bite plane


QuickSplint® temporary anterior bite plane is used by dentists to initiate immediate treatment for jaw and muscle sprain/strain, to diagnose bruxism, deprogram jaw musculature, to minimize jaw strain associated with long dental procedures, and for protecting newly placed dental restorations or periodontal surgical sites from bruxism. QuickSplint is patented and CE approved and FDA 510k cleared for temporary treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) and associated headache, and protection of dental restorations. 

Dr. Katie To talks about why she sends a patient home with a QuickSplint, as the first thing she does in care for a dental patient that says they have jaw muscle pain. She calls QuickSplint a “small and mighty appliance”. Watch her demonstrate how to make a QuickSplint in minutes, to appreciate this is a quick and easy short-term solution for initiating treatment for jaw pain and dysfunction.


Speed2treat - people can buy for treating orofacial pain at home

Speed2Treat®for Head, Neck & Jaw Pain

The Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit is based on a simple orthopedic model of care for acute head, neck and jaw pain suggested for the first 2 to 4 weeks following injury (like rest, ice, analgesic, and an elastic bandage for an ankle sprain.) The Kit is designed for broad availability across healthcare professions including urgent care, pharmacy-based providers, allied health providers, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical therapists, and doctors. The treatment algorithm does not require providers to have expertise in the management of jaw-related injury but provides critical early intervention to help reduce pain amplification, central nervous system activation, and compensating musculoskeletal behaviors that can lead to chronic pain.