Ann C. McCulloch

About Ann McCulloch, MBA

Ann C. McCulloch, MBA

Ann McCulloch is the Co-founder and President of Orofacial Therapeutics Inc. and oversees the development of the Company’s medical devices for orofacial pain and sales of QuickSplint.

Ann manages the Company’s relationship with Kettenbach USA pursuant to the 2024 Distribution Agreement for sales in the dental market. Ann also oversees the distribution of, an expert-led online introductory TMD course designed for dental universities and CE programs. The company headquarters is in San Diego, CA.


As a graduate of the Yale School of Management with personal experience in TMD and chronic pain, her extensive business relationships open the door for educational partnerships, product sales, and writing on the topics of TMJ disorders, preventing chronic pain and jaw injuries in sports.

Published Articles

  1. Overcoming Difficulty Finding TMJ Providers
  2. Can a TMJ disorder be fixed?
  3. Different Types of Mouth Guards & TMJ Splints
  4. CGRP Reveals Biochemical Link Between TMD and Headaches
  5. Cheek Bone Pain: Causes and Treatment Options
  6. When TMJ Pain Becomes a Catastrophe


Ann McCulloch was invited in December 2024 to serve as an Ex Officio member of the Forum on Temporomandibular Disorders conducted by the National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine (NASEM). Forum members consist of public and private sector experts and stakeholders meeting over a two-year period to explore opportunities for collective action. The focus of the Form is to “consider emerging issues in TMDs, facilitate cross-sector action, and foster long-term multidisciplinary relationships – all focused on improving research and care for people living with TMDs.

On this forum and with other peers and research partners, Ann participates in emerging issues in TMDs and strategies that encourage long-term progress in treating orofacial pain.

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More information on the TMD Forum is available at the National Academies Forum on Temporomandibular Disorders.