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Dental diagnostic aids, treatment

protocols and recovery

solutions for facial, head,

neck and jaw pain

Orofacial Therapeutics Inc’s Mission

Orofacial Therapeutics Inc is dedicated to supporting the clinicians who treat orofacial pain and those who suffer from facial, head, neck, and jaw pain by providing resources and tools to aid in recovery, and by maintaining a referral network for patients seeking clinicians who specialize in treatment, prevention, and management of chronic TMD and headache pain.

Our Brands 

QuickSplint Brand created by Orofacial Therapeutics
Speet2Treat brand for indivuals needing help with for Head, Neck & Jaw Pain

Medical Devices Created by Pain Experts

Specialists in orofacial pain that bridge the gap in medical and dental expertise

Orofacial Therapeutics provides dental diagnostic aids, treatment, protocols, and recovery that offer solutions for facial, head, neck and jaw pain.

Dr. Brad Eli, DMD, MS, Orofacial Pain Specialist for over 25 years, along with Ann McCulloch, Yale MBA, founded Orofacial Therapeutics in 2016 in San Diego. Our first products (QuickSplint®) and protocols (Jaw and Muscle Sprain, Strain Protocol, S.A.F.E. and the Parafunction Risk Rating Protocol) were designed for dentists and their patients.

One of the world’s foremost leaders in the field of Orofacial Pain, Dr. James Fricton, DDS, MS joined the team in 2017. Together we expanded our reach to assisting patients and healthcare providers with a universal, consistent, conservative, and rapid response to craniofacial pain (Speed2Treat®), resulting in potential improvement to prevent TMD disorders, headaches, bruxism, chronic pain and opioid use. 

Dr. James Elliott, PT, PhD, FAPT joined the company in 2019, bringing his extensive knowledge and physical therapy experience to bear on our Speed2Treat® products. Dr. Elliott expands our vision to provide assessment and diagnostic tools to identify and streamline access to care for patients likely to progress to chronic or intractable pain. 

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